Barber services without appointment

Our service includes haircuts, shaves, coloring and relaxing M Extra- special treatments. Combine your favorite services and create an unique barber experience to match your needs.


M CUT – Haircuts

M Cut

Hair cut using M Rooms own unique haircutting teghnique. Every haircut is planned individually based on customers wishes and hairtype. Includes relaxing shampoo/condition with head massage, quick face moisturizing and styling. Our barbers also guide you on how to take care and style your hair at home like a professional.


M Cut Junior

Hair cut for under 7 year old.


M Buzz Cut

Clipper cut. You can choose between nearly bald to regular buzz cut. Includes relaxing shampoo/condition with head massag and quick face moisturizing.


Skinfade – additional service for haircuts:

Razor fade. Suitable combined to hair cut that is faded to the skin on the sides and the back. Using razor we get the the final result super short, shorter that with just clippers.


M Style

Professional styling using high quality products suitable for your style and hair. Includes relaxing shampoo/condition with head massage, quick face moisturizing, drying and styling. (quick fix for the hairlines). Exelent before important days or photo shoots and for grooms.

M Shave

M Special Shave
All men should experience real full razor shave! Special Shave is traditional full razor shave. Includes hot towels and face massage. Relaxing experience for yourself or as a gift.


M Beard -beard trims

All M Beard Trimms are designed to your face shape and beard. All trimms include shortening for the beard and trim for the lines with razor when neccessary. Pricing in done by the lines trimmed in a following way:


Beard is shortened if neccessary. Lower/jaw line is trimmer to define the jaw. Moustache line is trimmed.  Easy to maintain and there for great for men who have just recently grown a beard.


Beard is shortened if neccessary. All beard lines are trimmed following mainly natural growth lines (exluded jaw line). Quick shave to the neck if neccessary. More polished trimm than M Beard Basic.


Beard is trimmed altering natural growth lines. Relaxing shave in Special Shaves way with hot towels and face massage. M Beard Trend enables visual shaping for face using beard. Requires maintaining at home or in M Room shop.


M Color – Hair color

M Fade (prices starting from)

Quick natural looking toning for hair. Masculine way to blend first greys or intensify natural hair color.  Fades away naturally so doesn´t require regular coloring.

M Color (prices starting from)

Hair color (darker or lighter) or natural looking high lights using a comb.

M Special Color (prices starting from)

Only creativity is a limit in M Special Color. Hair can be coloured using multiple colors or bleeched and toned. All technically time taking techniques belong to this service. (e.g highlights using foil)


M Premium Extra

Would you like to have some extra. Customize your visit by adding M Premium extra to your hair cut or shave.

You can choose:

Razor: Hair lines are trimmed using a razor. This guarantees that lines stay sharp longer.

Relax: Relaxing treatment. M Relax is done in connection of shampoo. Includes longer head massage, relaxing hot towel and face massage with moisturizer.

Booster: Power activation of the scalp. Invigorates superficial blood circulation, activates and refreshes the scalp.

Ear Wax: Ear hair removal with wax. A quick and painless way to get rid of annoying ear hair.


M Room Services

Service options included in the membership Silver Inc. 15 servicesGold Inc. 21 servicesPlatinum Inc. 26 services
M Cut 33 €Silver Free / 24 €*Gold Free / 24 €*Platinum Free / 24 €*
Haircut inc. Wash Silver Gold Platinum
Discount % Silver 15 %Gold 20 %Platinum 25 %
On other services after you have used all of your membership included services Silver Gold Platinum
Prices are rounded to full Euro amounts. Silver Gold Platinum
M Buzz Cut 23 €Silver Free *Gold Free*Platinum Free *
Clipper cut Silver Gold Platinum
M Style 23 €Silver Free *Gold Free *Platinum Free *
Washing+drying, styling with grooming products Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut Junior 25 €Silver Gold Platinum
Haircut incl. wash (under 12-year olds) Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut Student 29,70 €Silver Gold Platinum
Valid Mon-Wed with valid student ID Silver Gold Platinum
M Special Shave 45 €Silver Gold Free *Platinum Free *
American style incl. face massage and hot towels Silver Gold Platinum
M Beard - Basic 19 €Silver Gold Free *Platinum Free *
M Beard - Classic 29 €Silver Gold Free *Platinum Free *
M Beard - Trend 45 €Silver Gold Free *Platinum Free *
M Fade 42 €Silver Gold Free *Platinum Free *
Blending your natural hair color Silver Gold Platinum
M Color 55 €Silver Gold Platinum Free*
Color (starting from) Silver Gold Platinum
M Special Color 76 €Silver Gold Platinum
Color (starting from) Silver Gold Platinum
M Premium Extra -services Silver Gold Platinum
- Razor, Relax, Booster 6 €Silver Gold Platinum
M Skinfade, Fading sides and back using razor 10 €Silver Gold Platinum
Pulse -products 18 €Silver 17 €Gold 16 €Platinum 15 €
Gold -products 23 €Silver 22 €Gold 21 €Platinum 20 €
Silver -membership 12 month -Silver 295-399 €Gold -Platinum -
Gold -membership 12 month -Silver -Gold 435-539 €Platinum -
Platinum -membership 12 month -Silver -Gold -Platinum 750 €
Silver 10 Junior -membership 12 month -Silver 236 €Gold -Platinum -
Under 12 years old Silver Gold Platinum
Silver 10 Daytime -membership 12 month (incl. 10 services) -Silver 266€Gold -Platinum -
Valid Mon-Wed *** Silver Gold Platinum
Silver Gold Platinum
* Prices for members after you've used all of your membership credits are discounted according to level of membership Silver Gold Platinum
*** For students and seniors. Other times +6€. Silver Gold Platinum