Transforming towards stronger sustainability

"Sustainability in all areas is in our DNA and is strongly connected to our core values as a company. The environmental accountability is a part of our responsibility theme. With these terms we are in cooperation with EcoCompass and have achieved the environmental certification that governs all of our barber stores."

Tero Hellgrén


Equality, genuine care, value-based working, consideration of the individual, both our employees and customers, are at the heart of our work.

Our stores

At our stores we use renewable energy, monitor water and electricity consumption and take care of proper recycling of waste.


Our products are produced with renewable energy in Finland and they are cruelty free. Over 90 % of product packaging is recyclable. Most of the products are fully vegan. We take care of the producer’s responsibility by paying a waste disposal fee in advance.

Our responsibility actions taken in 202

100 % cruelty free products

Products are produced with renewable energy

100 % producer responsibility

Over 90 % finnish products

Recyclable bottles

Renewable energy in every M Room

Proper recycling in every barber shop

Our priority is to save water and energy in all activities.