A hassle-free haircut, no appointment needed

Come get a haircut, no appointment needed.

Experience the convenience and expertise of M Room’s professional barbers. Our skilled team is trained to find the perfect hairstyle or beard shape to suit your personality.

  • Skilled barbers find the ideal hairstyle or beard shape.
  • Extra treatments for scalp and face for a relaxing visit.
  • Hair coloring, highlights, and gray coverage available.
  • Experience an American shave for a relaxing treat.


  • 10% off M Cut and M Cut XL haircuts and beard styling for students Monday to Wednesday.

Card payments only for enhanced safety and experience.

M Cut 36 €
Haircut, includes wash and finish

M Cut XL 44 €
Style change haircut, includes wash and finish

M Buzz Cut 25 €
Clipper cut, includes wash

Skinfade +10 €
Hairline fading with a razor (additional service with M Cut)

M Style 25 €
Wash, dry, and finish with products

M Cut Student  32,40 €
Haircut, includes wash, for students/seniors with ID. Discount price valid Mon-Wed (regular €36)

M Cut Junior  28 €
Haircut, includes wash, for children under 7 years

M Special shave 45 €
Shave with a razor, includes facial massage and hot towels

M Beard Styling 24 €
Beard shaping following natural growth lines. Edges trimmed with a machine. (Add Razor edging for an extra 7€)

M Beard XL 45 €
Beard styling for large beards or beards with heavily modified and personalized growth areas.

Enhance your barber visit by adding M Premium Extra to your haircut or shave.

Razor Edging 7 €
Clean up hair or beard lines with a razor. Ensures neat edges longer.

MM Relax Extended Scalp Massage 7 €
Extended relaxing scalp and ear massage during shampoo.

M Booster – activation 7 €
Intensive scalp activation during shampoo. Stimulates circulation and refreshes the scalp.

M Ear / Nose Wax 7 € 
Quick and painless removal of ear and nose hair with wax.

M Face Exfoliation & Moisturizing 12 €
Quick and refreshing facial treatment.

K18Peptide™ Molecular Repair Treatment + Extended Scalp Massage 12 €
Hair structure repair treatment. (starting price for short hair)

Pulse products 19 €

Gold products starting from 20 €

M Fade from 49 €
Light hair color

M Color from 64 €
Darker color or comb highlights

M Special Color 84 €
Lighter color or highlight treatment

M Room Membership

Platinum, Gold, and Silver memberships offer a tailored service package just for you, ensuring you can be yourself all year round.

>>Explore member benefits.

Silver -membership 12 kk 315 – 438 €

Gold -membership 12 kk 459 – 569 €

Platinum -membership 12 kk 750 €

Silver 10 Junior -membership (under 7 years) 252 €

Silver 10  Daytime -membership 12 months 284 €
Valid Monday to Wednesday**

**Note: For students and seniors with valid ID. Additional 6 € fee applies at other times.


M Cut 36 €

A top-tier haircut using M Room’s unique cutting technique. Our barbers design each haircut individually based on the client’s hair and preferences. Includes a relaxing wash with a scalp massage, quick facial moisturization, and hair styling. The barber will also guide you on how to care for and style your hair at home like a professional.

M Cut XL 44 €

A haircut for those wanting a complete new style or if it’s been a long time since the last cut. Includes a relaxing wash with a scalp massage, quick facial moisturization, and hair styling. The barber will also guide you on how to care for and style your hair at home like a professional.

M Buzz Cut 25 €

A complete shave using clippers. Choose from a nearly bald look to a few millimeters of hair. Includes a relaxing hair wash with a scalp massage and quick facial moisturization.

M Beard Treatments

M Special Shave 45 €

Every man should try a razor shave at least once in his life. The Special Shave is a traditional razor shave. It includes relaxing hot towels and a facial massage. A moment of relaxation for yourself or as a gift. In the Special Shave, the beard is shaved off the entire growth area.

M Beard Styling 24 €

The beard is trimmed to the desired length and shaped following natural growth lines with a trimmer. The beard is also shaped under the chin. If you want a razor edging on the neck, add the Razor service for an extra €7.

M Beard XL 45 €

Ideal for those with a large, impressive beard or who want more radical shaping of natural growth lines. Edging is done with a razor, including relaxing hot towels and a facial massage. This allows for a clearer definition of facial features using the beard.

M Color & Fade – Hair Coloring Treatments

M Fade from 49 €

A masculine, quick way to deepen your natural hair color or cover the first grays. Results in a natural-looking finish that fades out naturally and does not require regular coloring.

M Color from 64 €

Hair coloring for a darker shade or comb highlights as a partial treatment.

M Special Color from 84 €

Lightening Color, Multi-Tone Color, or Highlight Treatment. With M Special Color, creativity is the only limit. This service can include multi-tone coloring or complex shading for hair lightening. These technically time-consuming treatments are tailored to your needs. Your barber will select the right techniques and products for you. The scope of the treatment, products used, and the number of sessions will affect the final price. For more details, consult your barber.