Barber services, no appointment needed

Our services include haircuts, shaves, coloring and relaxing M Extra- special treatments. Combine your favorite services and create a unique barber experience to match your needs.


M Cut
Hair cut using M Rooms own unique haircutting technique. Every haircut is planned individually based on customers wishes and hair type. Includes relaxing shampoo/condition with head massage, quick face moisturizing and styling. Our barbers also guide you on how to take care and style your hair at home like a professional.


Cut Junior
M Cut for under 12-year-old.


M Buzz Cut

Clipper cut. You can choose between nearly bald to regular buzz cut. Includes relaxing shampoo/condition with head massage and quick face moisturizing.


M Style
Professional styling using high quality products suitable for your style and hair. Includes relaxing shampoo/condition with head massage, quick face moisturizing, drying and styling (quick fix for the hairlines). Excellent for important days, before photo shoots and for grooms on their wedding day.


M Special Shave
All men should experience a full razor shave! M Special Shave is our traditional full razor shave. It includes hot towels and a face massage. Relaxing experience for yourself or as a gift.


M Beard –beard trim

All M Beard Trims are designed to suite your face shape and beard. All trims include shortening of the beard and a trim for the lines with razor when necessary. The pricing is tailored as following:


Beard is shortened if necessary. Lower/jaw line is trimmer to define the jaw. Moustache line is trimmed. Quick razor shave to the neck if necessary. Easy to maintain and there for great for men who have just recently grown a beard.



Beard is shortened if necessary. All beard lines are trimmed following natural growth lines (excluding jaw line). Quick shave to the neck if necessary. A more polished trim than M Beard Basic.



Beard is trimmed by altering natural growth lines. Relaxing shave with hot towels and face massage. M Beard Trend enables visual shaping for face using beard. Requires maintaining at home or in M Room shop.


M Fade (prices starting from)
Quick, natural looking toning of hair. Masculine way to blend first grey hairs or intensify the natural hair color. Implemented using M Rooms own Perfect Ten –colors that only have a 10 min developing time.
Fades away naturally and does not require regular coloring.


M Color (prices starting from)

Hair color (darker or lighter) or natural looking highlights using a comb.
Schwarzkopf colors or bleach is used.


M Special Color (prices starting from)

Only creativity is the limit for M Special Color. Hair can be colored/toned using multiple colors or bleached. All time consuming techniques belong to this service (e.g. highlights using foil).


M Premium Extra

Would you like to have some extra? Customize your visit by adding M Premium extra to your hair cut or shave.

You can choose:


Razor: Hair lines are trimmed using a razor. This guarantees that your lines stay sharp for longer.


Relax: A relaxing treatment. M Relax is a part of your shampooing. It includes a longer head massage, a relaxing hot towel treatment and a face massage with moisturizer.


Face: Facial Scrub. Removes dead skin cells for fresh and flexible skin. Prepares the skin for our M Special Shave. Includes hot towels, facial scrub and moisturizing.


Ear: Relaxing ear massage. By massaging ears it is possible to relax muscles in shoulders and neck at the shampoo station. Excellent break in the middle of a working day.


Skinfade: Razor fade. Combine with a hair cut that is faded to the skin on the sides and the back. By using a razor, we get the final result super short, shorter that with just clippers.



Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
Annual Membership Non-member Silver $350Gold $450Platinum $690
Membership services Non-member Silver 12 pcsGold 16 pcsPlatinum 24 pcs
Junior Membership $230 /12 pcs Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Membership (each M Cut for $25) Non-member Silver $10Gold $15Platinum $25
Discount from MGroom products and additional services Non-member Silver 15%Gold 20%Platinum 25%
Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut Non-member $38Silver free / $25Gold free / $25Platinum free / $25
Haircut inc. Wash Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Style Non-member $20Silver Free / $15Gold Free / $15Platinum Free / $15
washing, drying and styling with grooming products Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut Premium Non-member $47Silver $9Gold $5Platinum Free / $25
Hair Cut incl. hair wash, special massage, hot towel, tidying hairline with a straight razor Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Buzz Cut Non-member $25Silver Free / $21 Gold Free / $20 Platinum Free / $18
Clipper cut Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Special Shave Non-member $35Silver $30Gold $28Platinum Free / $25
American style incl. face massage and hot towels Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Beard - Basic Non-member $15Silver $13Gold Free / $12Platinum Free / $11
M Beard - Classic Non-member $25Silver $21Gold Free / $20Platinum Free / $18
M Beard- Trend Non-member $30Silver $25Gold Free / $24Platinum Free / $22
M Fade Non-member $40Silver $34Gold Free / $32Platinum Free / $30
Blending your natural hair color Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Color Non-member $40Silver $34Gold Free / $32Platinum Free / $30
Color (starting from) Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Extra Non-member $5Silver $5Gold $4Platinum $3
Booster, Relax, Face ja Ear Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut+ Non-member $60Silver $25Gold $25Platinum $25
incl. haircut for father and son (under 12y.) Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut++ Non-member $80Silver $45Gold $45Platinum $45
incl. haircut for father and two sons (under 12y.) Non-member Silver Gold Platinum
All Included M Waxing Non-member $25Silver $21Gold $20Platinum $18
Ear Waxing Non-member $7Silver $7Gold $6Platinum $5
Eyebrow Waxing Non-member $15Silver $13Gold $12Platinum $11
Eyebrow Waxing - mini Non-member $5Silver $5Gold $4Platinum $3
Nose Waxing Non-member $7Silver $7Gold $6Platinum $5
Pure Gold -Products Non-member $24Silver -15%Gold -20%Platinum -25%
Classic Gold Beard -Products Non-member $25-29Silver -15%Gold -20%Platinum -25%
MGROOM Skin -Products Non-member $ 28-33Silver -15%Gold -20%Platinum -25%