My M Room

My M Room enables the availability of barber services when the need is greatest.

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Visiting your barber could not be easier

Add My M Room to your home screen! (no app download)

Through My M Room you can see all your nearest M Room barbershops and your own personal arrival time. Upon arrival, you will get service within 0 to 15 minutes. My M Room allowes you to compare the queuing times of all our shops and choose the one that suites you the best.

Estimated queuing times in My M Room will develop rapidly after the launch. Our goal is to get the exact access time to your service and make your life just a little bit easier.

Join the queue

How My M Room works


Connect yourself to the queue. If necessary, create an account or order a password.


Choose your preferred M Room and service.


Arrive at the time indicated by My M Room.


M Room offers high-quality barber services designed specifically for men, always without appointment. You can visit us as a one-time customer or join us as a member. Members get served in a member-level order before non-members. Read more about our membership model here.