My M Room FAQ

Why do I need to register?
You are not obliged to register as a user of My M Room, but after registration, you can log in and join the queue remotely (phone, tablet, computer), follow your own queuing time and receive information straight from the barbershop. In addition, My M Room allows you to see your own history (receipts), edit your user settings, see the validity of your membership, the amount of membership credits. My M Room also allowes you to easily find the location you want to visit.

For what is the registered customer information used?
Customer information is used in accordance with our privacy policy.

Can I leave the barbershop after I have signed myself in?
Yes, but we recommend that you use My M Room, so that you will be notified about possible changes to the queue.

What happens if I am not at the barbershop when the timer is at 0 min?
In this case, the next customer in the queue will be served. Our staff will then have the right to remove you from the queue, but as a rule, we usually put a delayed as the next in line and a new queuing time will be communicated through My M Room or by a Push Notification or SMS.

Why does my queuing time change?
There may be many reasons for changes;
– For example, a customer in the service, unexpectedly wants hair coloring or shaving, which may take 30-60 minutes more for the hairdresser than planned.
– Someone may leave the queue or then the barber has served the previous customer faster or slower than estimated.
– Customers access the service in the order of membership levels and this may change the queuing time.

Why does it sometimes say that the queue is closed and I can no longer join the queue, even though the shop should still be open?
The queue shuts down when the queue is congested, meaning that no more customers will be able to get served within the opening hours. When the shop is in the “closed / full” mode, it is not possible to bypass the queue regardless of your membership level. Membership terms are available here:

Can I use My M Room when I ‘m abroad?
As for now, My M Room only works within the country where the customer is registered. Abroad, our shops can be accessed by signing in at the shop upon arrival.

Why can’t I see on the website how many hairdressers are available and how many people are in the queue?
My M Room automatically calculates the queuing time for each customer, and therefore you do not need to calculate the service time yourself. My M Room informs everyone about their personal queuing time. The general queuing time on the website may be longer because a member’s queuing time is determined by the member level.