Barber services without appointment

Our service includes haircuts, shaves, coloring and relaxing M Extra- special treatments. Combine your favorite services and create an unique barber experience to match your needs.


Service options included in the membership Basic Silver Inc. 16 servicesGold Inc. 24 servicesPlatinum Inc. 30 services
M Cut Basic 420krSilver free/260kr*Gold free/260kr*Platinum free/260kr*
Haircut inc. Wash Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Discount % Basic Silver 15 %Gold 20 %Platinum 25 %
On other services after you have used all of your membership included services Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Prices are rounded to full kr amounts. Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Buzz Cut Basic 200krSilver -Gold -Platinum -
Clipper cut Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Style Basic 260krSilver free/221kr*Gold free/208kr*Platinum free/195kr*
Washing+drying, styling with grooming products Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut Junior Basic 270krSilver 0/150krGold 0/150krPlatinum 0/150kr
Haircut incl. wash (under 12-year olds) Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut Student Basic 350krSilver -Gold -Platinum -
Valid Mon-Thu 10-14 with valid student ID Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Special Shave Basic 450krSilver 383krGold 360krPlatinum Free/338kr
American style incl. face massage and hot towels Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Beard - Basic Basic 150krSilver 128krGold free/120kr*Platinum free/113kr*
M Beard - Classic Basic 270krSilver 230krGold free/216kr*Platinum free/203kr*
M Beard - Trend Basic 420krSilver 357krGold free/336kr*Platinum free/315kr*
M Fade Basic 490krSilver 417krGold free/392kr*Platinum free/368kr*
Blending your natural hair color Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Color Basic 540krSilver 459kr Gold 432krPlatinum 432kr
Color (starting from) Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Special Color Basic 750krSilver 638kr Gold 600krPlatinum 563kr
Color (starting from) Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Premium Extra -services Basic Silver Gold Platinum
- Razor, Relax, Face and Ear Basic 70krSilver 60krGold 56krPlatinum 53kr
- M Skinfade, Fading sides and back using razor Basic 90krSilver 77krGold 72krPlatinum 68kr
M Cut+ Basic 640krSilver 220krGold 220krPlatinum 220kr
incl. haircut for father and son (under 12y.) Basic Silver Gold Platinum
M Cut++ Basic 810krSilver 390krGold 390krPlatinum 390kr
incl. haircut for father and two sons (under 12y.) Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Pulse -products Basic 189 krSilver Gold Platinum
Pure Gold -products Basic 229krSilver 219 krGold 209 krPlatinum 199 kr
Silver -membership 12 month Basic -Silver 4200krGold -Platinum -
Gold -membership 12 month Basic -Silver -Gold 5900krPlatinum -
Platinum -membership 12 month Basic -Silver Gold -Platinum 8500kr
Junior membership 12 month Basic -Silver 2300krGold 2300krPlatinum 2300kr
Parrallel membership for son (under 12 years old)** Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Silver Daytime -membership 12month Basic -Silver 3500krGold -Platinum -
Valid Mon-Thu 10-14*** Basic Silver Gold Platinum

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