M Room product line

One of M Room’s absolute strengths is having its own product lines. These products offer the opportunity to respond to customers’ needs in a flexible and fast manner. One of  M Room’s primary goals is to respond actively to the demand of different services, grooming and hair care products and thus to offer the most extensive collection of services.



Pure Gold is the embodiment of M Groom’s continued devotion to perfection in everyday essential grooming
products. Pure Gold was created with dedication, skill and attention to detail to meet the selected grooming needs of today’s most modern man.

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No fuss, easy-to-use everyday essential grooming products, created to meet the everyday grooming needs
of everyman. M Room Pulse is for everyman to groom himself with ease and style for any everyday occasion whether it is business, formal, sporting or fun.

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MGroom Skin – A Man’s Complete Skincare Routine. Skin care is a natural part of a man’s everyday life. Understanding the different needs of a modern man, we developed a selective skincare series that is smoothly straightforward and uncompromisingly stylish. MGroom Skin was created by Europe’s largest barbering services company, combining service and experience with excellent Finnish dermatologists, chemists and high-quality material.

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